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Re: [linux-lvm] Interesting LVM Error...

> Hello,

>         I am working with EMC drives (Both M1/M2s and BCVs) and encountered
> the following problem with vgexport.  When I try to export a volume group
> which consists of BCVs, I receive the following error:

> [root sanbox06 root]# vgexport -v bcvorabackupdg
> vgexport -- locking logical volume manager
> vgexport -- checking volume group name
> vgexport -- checking volume group activity
> vgexport -- reading data of volume group "bcvorabackupdg" from disk(s)
> vgexport -- ERROR "lv_read_all_lv(): number of LV" reading data of volume group "bcvorabackupdg"

Had  something  similar..  It  turned out for me that this error meant
that you have duplicate PVs in the system (with the same ID).

> vgexport -- unlocking logical volume manager

> Now, the creation of both the BCV volume group and the mirrored EMC volume group
> was identical.  When exporting the BCV volume group I have no issues at all and
> everything runs as exptected.  I have run vgexport on three mirrored groups with
> no issues, but each time I use a BCV group, the same error appears.  Thanks in
> advance for any feedback!

> Cheers,
> Travis B.

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