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Re: [linux-lvm] Interesting LVM Error...


looks like you've got corrupted metadata.

Did you run "vgck" to make sure sure that the metadata of "bcvorabackupdg"
really is intact ?

On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 05:12:31PM -0500, travis usi net wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I am working with EMC drives (Both M1/M2s and BCVs) and encountered
> the following problem with vgexport.  When I try to export a volume group
> which consists of BCVs, I receive the following error:
> [root sanbox06 root]# vgexport -v bcvorabackupdg
> vgexport -- locking logical volume manager
> vgexport -- checking volume group name
> vgexport -- checking volume group activity
> vgexport -- reading data of volume group "bcvorabackupdg" from disk(s)
> vgexport -- ERROR "lv_read_all_lv(): number of LV" reading data of volume group "bcvorabackupdg"
> vgexport -- unlocking logical volume manager
> Now, the creation of both the BCV volume group and the mirrored EMC volume group
> was identical.  When exporting the BCV volume group I have no issues at all and
> everything runs as exptected.  I have run vgexport on three mirrored groups with
> no issues, but each time I use a BCV group, the same error appears.  Thanks in 
> advance for any feedback!
> Cheers,
> Travis B.
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