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[linux-lvm] make kernel with XFS patch fail..

Hi all

This is the response from xfs mailing list : )

Have a nice day : )

Rocky Lee


We have Jan Kara's 32 bit quota patches in our tree, because
we make use of some quota extensions they provide.  The LVM
patch most likely is just for a stock-standard 2.4.20, which
does not have these patches.

So, Jan's patches contain a change which removes DQUOT_SYNC
and instead splits the functionality into a DQUOT_SYNC_DEV
and a DQUOT_SYNC_SB - you'll need to change the code (looks
like fsync_dev_lockfs needs this change) to make use of one
of these new macros.




> hi all
> I patch the LVM 1.0.7 (1.0.6) patch file and XFS patch file for kernel
> 2.4.19
> , but fail when I ddid "make bzImage"
> Error Message------------------------------------------------------------
> fs/fs.o: In function `fsync_dev_lockfs':
> fs/fs.o(.text+0x32cd): undefined reference to `DQUOT_SYNC'
> make[1]: *** [kallsyms] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.4.19'
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> if I only "make bzImage" with LVM patch, OK
> if I only "make bzImage" with XFS patch, OK
> if I make with LVM and XFS patch..... fail...
> does anyone know this condition?
> Rocky

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