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re[4]: [linux-lvm] A little Cluster/Newbie help pls!

 >>  Due to state issues, failover WILL cause any 'during failover' file
 >>  operations to fail. But on the other side of that, the way that samba
 >>  deals with file moves/copies ensures that no data will be lost.. simply,
 >>  restart the operation immediately after the error. In our system, the
 >>  error occurs the moment that the failover machine takes over. other than
 >>  having to redo any 'in failover' operations, the failover is completely
 >>  transparent to clients.. if no operations are occuring, then there will
 >>  be no sign to clients that a failover occured.

 >>  Matt Schillinger


You should look at the Linux-HA (heartbeat) archives.  I'm pretty sure you can even get truly transparent samba failover, but I have not tried to do that yet.

It was the OpenGFS lock server failover I was talking about.


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