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Re: [linux-lvm] Debian and LVM at the begin of the installation prozess

Am Samstag, 15. März 2003 23:54 schrieb Stefan Feeser:
> Hi all,
Hi all,
> I am a beginner with LVM and Debian. I would like to install debian and
> "put" the hole disks in the LVM. At my system I would like to stripe-mirror
> (RAID 10) my two disks (IDE). Because the hardware is not the newest one I
> have to do the installation with bootdisks.
> My question is how I can create a volume group and so on during the
> installation prozess.
After reading some HoTows, I know how you can create LVM's during the 
installation process with disks with a debian system.

To work with lvm and debian on boot disks there are the following steps:

- Create a rescue.bin and a root.bin disk from 2.4 kernel. There you should 
have possibilities to work with LVM
- Download a file, which is called lar1440.bin from the internet and write it 
with cat lar1440.bin > /dev/fd0 to a seperate disk
- Boot your computer with the two boot disks and follow the installation menue 
til the step "partitionition the disks" (with the program cfdisk)
- Create a swap and a root partition on the normal way, the rest of space of 
the disk use type 8E, Linux LVM
- then switch to a second console (for example with ALT + F2)
- put the lar disk in your disk drive and type the command extdisk
- now you can work with LVM tools



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