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Re: [linux-lvm] All LV have the same content after repair attempt

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 11:28:27PM +0100, Daniel Heemann wrote:
> b) the segment sections of the LV which used 
> the broken hdd did not contain an entry like 'pvX' inside 'stripes' but 
> 'Missing' was entered.
In future I want to replace 'Missing' with something that gives you
the PV's UUID, but some code restructuring is needed before I can make
that change.

I have also already added a command line switch '--removemissing' to 
vgreduce intended to automate the LVM2 side of the process.
People need to read the vgreduce man page before using this option.
e.g. To run it with '--test' before running it for real.

> I also tried to use vgscan and vgchange from the LVM2.1.95.15 package but it 
> fails to activate the vm, 
> But I think that's due to missing kernel/module support for lvm2.
Correct.  LVM2 needs device-mapper to activate the LVs.

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