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Re: [linux-lvm] can i extend a volumen bigger 256 gigas ?thx

Yes, it is possible. What's the command you're using and the error you get? The maximum size of a logical volume is a function of the volume group physical extent size (I don't remember the details). You may need to create the volume group with a larger physical extent in order to have larger capacity logical volumes, for instance, 'vgcreate -s 16m ...'. As far as I know, you do have to recreate the volume group in order to change the physical extent size. Hope this helps.

Daniel Barbar

fnt wrote:

It is possible to extend a volumen more than 256 gigas?
it doesnt let me grow the space.
this is muy info :
root]# cat /proc/lvm/global
LVM module LVM version 1.0.3(19/02/2002)

Total: 1 VG 2 PVs 1 LV (1 LV open 1 times)

Global: 449424 bytes malloced IOP version: 10 1175 days 12:40:03 active

VG:  gl  [2 PV, 1 LV/1 open]  PE Size: 4096 KB
  Usage [KB/PE]: 294883328 /71993 total  113950720 /27820 used  180932608
/44173 free
  PVs: [AA] ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part4 113950720 /27820   113950720
/27820          0 /0
       [AA] ide/host0/bus0/target1/lun0/part1 180932608 /44173          0 /0
180932608 /44173
    LV:  [AWDL  ] vol1                     113950720 /27820    1x open

i have installed: lvm-1.0.1-2mdk.i586.rpm

thanks on advanced.

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-- Daniel Barbar

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