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Re: [linux-lvm] hard drive crash info please


you need lvm2 to activate a partial volume group. if you have a backup of your vgcfg then you may restore your config to a new harddisk with the lvm1 tools.
i had no actual vgcfgbackup so i needed to upgrade to lvm2 to activate the partial vg and make a backup of all partitions that were not affected by the crashed harddisk. then i used the vgcfgbackup on the partial vg and edited the meadata from the backup (lvm2 saves the backup data in human readable form) that all missing segments are put on the replacement disc. after i restored the backup everything worked again and i lost only the data which was on the bad disk.



Randy Perkins wrote:

	I have a lvm setup of 5 PV (disks), 1 VG,  and 1 LV.  one of the drives
just started clicking, and is not recognizable by the bios. Now when i
boot up my volume group is not recognized.
some info:

redhat 8.0
lvm 1.0.3
readable copy of /etc/lvmconf/my_vg.conf ( about 5 months old )

How can i retrieve some of the data that is contained soley on the other 4 drives. ?? Any help is appreciated.

i have been looking over the list, and it appears this thread talks about extracting data from LV that didnt span the bad disk, but i only have one LV. http://lists.sistina.com/pipermail/linux-lvm/2003-April/013911.html it looks like he is using lvm2 . does lvm2 have additional tools that can be used to bring back some of my data. ??

i was just keeping mp3 on this LV, but when i upgraded redhat i moved
all my data to it for awhile, and never moved it back.  my wife is
pissed cause i lost all my digital pictures, and i lost all my personal
files.  i knew better but didnt listen to myself.  the hard drive gave
no errors in the logs, which i monitor, it just up and started beating
its head against the wall.  thanks for any help


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