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Re: [linux-lvm] mount root filesystem on lvm

hello once again,

i used the ls command within the "linuxrc" script of the initial ramdisk.
"ls /dev/mapper/control" results only with "/dev/mapper/control"

"ls /dev/mapper results in following output:

so i used "root=/dev/mapper/progs-root" as boot option, but i can still not mount the root filesystem.

was anyone successfull with booting the root-filesystem on am lvm-volume with lvm2 and device-mapper interface, using an initial ramdisk??

can anyone point me in the right direction??

thanks for any help in advance.

greetings from austria,


Manfred Gschweidl wrote:

hello again,

now i solved the problems with "/dev/mapper/control".

it seems, that the kernel now finds all volumegroups, but now i get a kernel panic, that the kernel cannot mount my root filesystem within the lvm volumes. the message says, that i should append the correct "root=" boot option on startup??

with kernel 2.4.12 and lvm 1.x it was "/dev/progs/root".
now i use kernel 2.4.20 with device-mapper and lvm2.
as with kernel 2.4.12 i use a inital ramdisk.

how can i find out, what now is the correct option for "root="??

thanks for any help again.


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