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Re: [linux-lvm] mount root filesystem on lvm

hello and thanks for your help.

i modified my linuxrc file on the ramdisk, so that it does a "cat /proc/devices" and "ls -l /dev/mapper". so i found out, that the device number is also 254 and with the ls-comand i get the information that the minor number was 6 (with the 2.4.12 kernel i couldn't find ot out, because there i was not using the device-mapper interface).

after appending this to the new kernel on startup, the root filesystem can now be found, and the system boots.

but now i have an problem... ;-)

when booting up with the initial ramdisk, and doing a "lvm vgscan" and "lvm vgchange -a y", all volume groups and logical volumes are found ("ls /dev/mapper" on the end of the linuxrc script shows all found logical volumes).
but after freeing memory of the initial ramdisk and mounting of the root fs, now one of the entries in "/dev/mapper" exists, except the "control" entry. and "lvm vgscan" and "lvm vgchange -a y" does not help. so i cannot mount any other logical volumes?????
the kernel complaines, that maybe a old kernel driver is using the volume groups, but how can that be???

cat /proc/devices show up, that there is still an entry for lvm, but also for device-mappper. is this maybe the error???

if you can't help me out with this, this is no problem, because you helped me a lot, since i can boot now...;-)
but the "/usr", "/var".... directories are also residing on lvm volumes...

thanks for your detailed help,


Christophe Saout wrote:
Am Son, 2003-05-11 um 04.05 schrieb Manfred Gschweidl:

when i use "/dev/progs/root" boot up ends with:
VFS: Cannot open root device "3a00" or 3a:00
Please append s correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 3a:00

0x3a is the LVM1 device major.

when i use "/dev/mapper/progs-root" boot up ends with:
VFS: Cannot open root device "mapper/progs-root" or 00:00
Please append s correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 00:00

Ok, 00:00 means that he didn't find anything there.

i use the append option for "/dev/mapper/progs-root", because i can't run lilo with it, because lilo says, that it doesn't find the device....


It looks like you are currently running on LVM1 but want to switch to
LVM2 after the next reboot, right?

LILO can only look at the device numbers currently in use in /dev, but
when there is no device-mapper device there, he can't find the device
number to use with LVM2.

I don't think you can't activate a volume group at the same time with
LVM1 and LVM2, so you'll have to give it explicitly to the kernel
"command line" on the next reboot.

Before reboot, can you find out what major device-mapper uses? Type "cat
/proc/devices" and search for the line with device-mapper. My kernel is
currently using the major 254, but I don't know if the numbers are
allocated the same way with the 2.4 kernel.

Ok, then you'll have to translate the number to hexdecimal (e.g. using
this command line where you should replace 254 with your major number if
it differs: perl -e 'printf "%02x\n", 254).

After rebooting you interrupt lilo and append root=##00 to the command
line, where ## is the major number in hex (so it looks like "linux
root=fe00"). If he doesn't find the root device, try fe01, fe02, etc...
until he finds the root device. The problem is that you can't know
exactly which minor number the kernel number will assign the volume
without having tested it first.

This should of course only work when the ramdisk has correctly activated
the volume before the kernel tries to mount the root filesystem, there
should be a message printed.

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