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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM & LFS support

Jose Luis Domingo Lopez wrote:
On Tuesday, 29 April 2003, at 14:09:44 -0400,
Selimaj, Naxhije wrote:

Does LVM support files greater that 2GB? I'm running the default LVM (1.0.3) on RH8. I currently have a 1.2TB
LVM ext3 filesystem mounted. If >2GB file is supported, what changes
need to be made to my existing setup.

I think the 2 GB limit on files is a filesystem limitation, not a block device limitation, and as LVM is a block device level feature, it should not impose any limits on file sizes.

Other than not being larger than the blockdevice, and doesnt the blockdevice has a limit of 2T ?

As far as I know, RH8 is recent enough to fully support large files
(greater than 2 GB), but maybe you are using some sort of application
not ported still to support large files, or an application on your.

I seem to remember that things like "old" cpio didn't support large
files, check if this is the case with "strace", and look for file
open()'s with flags O_LARGEFILE. From open(2):

              On  32-bit  systems  that  support the Large Files System, allow
              files whose sizes cannot be represented in 31 bits to be opened.

Maybe thats why i have some trouble with pipes for files larger than 2G


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