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Antwort: Re: [linux-lvm] MultiPath


Follow documentation / sample raidtab for multipathing, which comes with
raidtools. If you've done that, both paths should be used (we have tested
this once and it was working, also the failover of the active path).

Otherwise I would say there's a misconfiguration.


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On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 17:57, Andrew Patterson wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 15:19, Ryan Frank wrote:
> > Hello All!
> >
> > I am running RedHat AS 2.1 2.4.9-e3custom kernel (Many reasons why so
> > old)... I have compiled in the the default LVM and multipath options in
> > the kernel.  I have also compiled in the new drivers for my FC Cards
> > (Qlogic 2300).  I can see all my storage... However! I cannot seem to
> > get the multipathing to work.  I see all 6 drives (3 from each card)...
> > Is there a magic trick to get the multipathing to work?  I am at a loss
> > here...
> >
> If you are using MD multipathing, you need to edit/create an
> /etc/raidtab file and then run mkraid or raidstart.  You then use a
> /dev/md* device to access your storage.

I got the MD device setup in raidtab I am using the "multipath"
personality... It is not utilizing both paths though... I started a
write, then pulled the active path to simulate failure, and it just died
:) fun fun... thanks for the help!

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