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[linux-lvm] vgscan -f created duplicate block devices


How do you fix an incorrect Block Device assignment?

When I hooked the harddrive from an old computer into my newer one (both had lvm
partitions), I got the message that certain IDs were duplicated.  So I ran vgscan
-f to assign new IDs.  However, vgscan -f duplicated the Block Device on two of
the logical volumes.  The has the outcome that when I mount the first one, I only
get access to the second one. :(

I would show the output of lvdisplay & friends, but I can't get an internet
connection from that computer anymore because of this. *grin*  Basically:

/dev/toro1/home, block device 58:5
/dev/toro1/var, block device 58:6
/dev/toro1/projekte, block device 58:7
/dev/toro1/usr, block device 58:8
/dev/toro1/local, block device 58:9
/dev/toro1/fileserver, block device 58:5

Either the drive I added had 5 lv's and so vgscan didn't reassign the 6th on the
first drive (i.e., /dev/toro1/fileserver), or it cycled back around after 58:9
for some reason.

Can anyone tell me how to get my home back??? *grin*

Many thanks in advance!
Ellis Whitehead

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