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[linux-lvm] PV and disk recovery


I had a VG with two full disks in two PV:s (/dev/hda1 and /dev/hdb1).
The second drive, a new IBM 120GB disk fried after some weeks and
was totally inacessable (not even recognised by BIOS).

To my understanding the first PV on /dev/hda1 is OK

Can I recover and get back access to my old data that was on
/dev/hda1? I have tried various things suggested in HOWTO:s and
this list.

If I do vgscan I get:

vgscan -- reading all physical volumes (this may take a while...)
vgscan -- ERROR "vg_read_with_pv_and_lv(): current PV" can't get data of
volume group "Volume00" from physical volume(s)
vgscan -- "/etc/lvmtab" and "/etc/lvmtab.d" successfully created
vgscan -- WARNING: This program does not do a VGDA backup of your volume

Any command like vgchange -a y only gets: vgchange -- no volume groups

I have tried create a new VG: vgcreate extra /dev/hda1

but I then get:
vgcreate -- "/dev/hda1" is not a new physical volume
vgcreate -- physical volume "/dev/hda1" already belongs to volume group


Seems like I dont have any config data for Volume00 left but still I am
not allowed to use/change Volume00 or the PV.

What can I do? Is there any way to reclaim possible intact data on my
old /dev/hda1????



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