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[linux-lvm] trouble initiating the lvm after reinstall

4 PV(s) found for VG mylvm: expected 12
 Volume group "mylvm" not found

that's the error i get when i try to run lvs or when the system boots up.
all drives are connected just like before and i've reinstalled the system lots of times and it always works

i've changed mobo now tho to a one with an onboard highpoint 374 controller, but those drives get the sdX numbers assigned.

i have 4 drives on the mobo which it obviously finds, but those 8 on the promise ata 100 tx2 cards won't be 'found'. hde-hdl are there and it finds them all in the bootup and i can access them with cfdisk...i even tried to run ./MAKEDEV hde-hdl and mknod for hde-hdl...no difference :(

please please help me, i really need to get the lvm working cause i have files there i need

/Carl Philip

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