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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: One PV destroyed - now the whole VG isn't workinganymore

Samuel Leuthold wrote:

So can i release the third disk from the LV, reformat and rebind into it
without loosing the data on disk1 and 2??

Yes. But, if you are using striping instead of simple concatenation, you are, as the saying goes, toast.

However, it may be possible to salvage most of the data from the third disk too.

Method #1.
Use dd conv=noerror to raw copy data off the bad disk to a fourth, good disk. Swap the bad disk for the new one.

Method #2.
If there's free space on the other two disks (or you can add a fourth disk), you can try pvmove --ignore_read_errors to move as many extents as possible off the bad disk onto the good ones.

And what about the reiser? Is it
consistent after this "hack"??

No, in all cases you will need to run reiserfsck, most likely with the -rebuild-tree option. But seeing as your disk has badblocks, your FS is already in a bad state.

> Can i do it with these commands??

If your metadata is intact, you won't need most of that example. You can search the list archive for my conversation with Heinz a little over a month or so ago, we went through this exact thing. :-)

Whats the meaning of
the "0" in storage\0 ??

Think of it as an end-of-line character (it's a null-terminated string).

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