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[linux-lvm] 0x8e "Linux LVM" partitions on a PowerPC

	I've looked everywhere, and i mean everywhere for this, and i can't
find the answer. It's like nobody has tried using a Mac with LVM or
something! The screwy part is.. I can't even find mailing lists, irc
channels, or web documents that even say "it doesn't work"!! 

How do I create LVM partitions on a Mac so i can subsequently create PVs
and VGs and LVs???

mac-fdisk doesn't have a facility for changing system partition types,
just apple partition types, which does no good.. 

and fdisk, cfdisk, & sfdisk, think the drive's partition table is
corrupted.. when i force it to repartition the drive, then mac-fdisk,
and the machine itself think the partition table is corrupted.. 

I'm using lvm10 and lvm-common under debian-powerpc, I'm NOT using
devfs, and I've gotten LVM to work flawlessly on my x86 and sparc


Totally Lost =(
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