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Re: [linux-lvm] removing a bad HD

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 06:04:05AM +0000, Rickard Olsson wrote:
> Trond Michelsen wrote:
> > Recently a harddrive in my LVM started giving me read-errors, so
> > naturally I wanted to replace the drive with a new one.
> I recently went through this (with the added complication of some bad 
> metadata) and you have a few options.
> The best one may be to use dd (with NOERROR) to raw copy the contents 
> from the old disk to a new one of the same size and then use the new one 
> when doing the pvmove.
> Another path is to upgrade to LVM2 (you may have to do this anyway, I 
> needed some functionality in the LVM2 pvcreate to pull my stunt off) and 
> use the "partial" feature. I haven't tried this myself.
> There are more details of my tribulations just a few weeks back in the 
> list archives, but feel free to ask if there's something missing (I had 
> some private conversations with Heinz on the topic as well).

Thanks, but is it really necessary to copy the PE at all? It's broken,
and I don't care about that 8MB of data. Isn't it possible to just
reassign the LE that's mapped to the broken PE to a completely empty PE
at some other disk?

At the moment I'm a bit tempted to just set up a new VG, and migrate
data from the old VG file by file, disk by disk.

  // Trond Michelsen
\X/  mike crusaders no

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