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Re: [linux-lvm] removing a bad HD

Trond Michelsen wrote:

Thanks, but is it really necessary to copy the PE at all? It's broken,
and I don't care about that 8MB of data. Isn't it possible to just
reassign the LE that's mapped to the broken PE to a completely empty PE
at some other disk?

It's possible that Heinz or one of the other gurus know of a way, but I don't. If pvmove -i can't get past the read errors... Theoretically, you could be able to hexedit the LVM metadata but I really don't want to read about that in the news afterwards, if you know what I mean.

At the moment I'm a bit tempted to just set up a new VG, and migrate
data from the old VG file by file, disk by disk.

If you have a spare disk to start the new VG with, that's probably a good idea for several reasons (fresh filesystem, fresh metadata, the ability to check disks offline before adding them to the VG and so on).

I did this too since my old extents were rapidly becoming too small. New LVs default to a max size of 2TB, when I originally created mine I believe they were 250GB unless specified otherwise.

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