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Re: [linux-lvm] removing a bad HD

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 09:22:26AM +0200, Rickard Olsson wrote:
>> At the moment I'm a bit tempted to just set up a new VG, and migrate
>> data from the old VG file by file, disk by disk.
> If you have a spare disk to start the new VG with, that's probably a 
> good idea for several reasons (fresh filesystem, fresh metadata, the 
> ability to check disks offline before adding them to the VG and so on).

> I did this too since my old extents were rapidly becoming too small. New 
> LVs default to a max size of 2TB, when I originally created mine I 
> believe they were 250GB unless specified otherwise.

Yeah, it occured to me that this was probably the best opportunity I had
to increase the PE-size. So I set it to 32MB, giving me a maximum
LV-size of 2TB. 

BTW: What are the effects of choosing a large PE-size? Apart from
getting larger LV's, of course? Does it effect performance or memory
usage at all?

Trond Michelsen

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