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Re: [linux-lvm] removing a bad HD

Trond Michelsen wrote:

Yeah, it occured to me that this was probably the best opportunity I had
to increase the PE-size. So I set it to 32MB, giving me a maximum
LV-size of 2TB.

"That should be enough for anyone." ;-)

BTW: What are the effects of choosing a large PE-size? Apart from
getting larger LV's, of course? Does it effect performance or memory
usage at all?

None that I have noticed. Then again, my main fileserver gets something like 1% load average and 10% mem usage (unless I'm shuffling large files locally, the gigabit adapter and Samba's buffers eat both up pretty quickly). Pulling notions out of my ass, I'd guess that larger PE-sizes are better now than they were before since most disks have larger buffers, our boxes have more RAM and Moore's law is seldom broken.

Heinz, is this the reasoning behind upping the default PE size or were there other considerations?

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