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[linux-lvm] lvmcreate_initrd: depmod without -F?

I am trying to create an LVM aware initrd on Debian stable (a.k.a.
Woody, 3.0) and running into a problem.  The problem is so basic though,
that I must be missing something somewhere else.

I have built and installed a new kernel, but not yet booted it (because
I need the initrd to boot it).  When I try to create the initrd with
"lvmcreate_initrd <KVER>" it complains:

lvmcreate_initrd -- ERROR running depmod

When I try to run depmod just as the script does (depmod -a <KVER>) it
indeed does error out with a bunch of unresolved symbols.  But they are
symbols provided by the kernel and hence the command "depmod -F
/boot/System.map-<KVER> <KVER>" is successful.

How/why does this work for everyone else?  If this were a bug (not
passing the System.map to depmod) as I outline it above, surely it would
have been fixed by now.


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell

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