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[linux-lvm] Re: [PERFORM] backup/restore - another area.


I'm curious to what kind of testing you've done with LVM.  I'm not
currently trying any backup/restore stuff, but I'm running our DBT-2
workload using LVM.  I've started collecting vmstat, iostat, and
readprofile data, initially running disktest to gauge the performance.

For anyone curious, I have some data on a 14-disk volume here:
and a 52-disk volume here:


>Jeff <threshar torgo 978 org> writes:
> Idea #1:
> Use an LVM and take a snapshop - archive that.
> From the way I see it. the downside is the LVM will use a lot of space
> until the snapshot is removed.  Also PG may be in a slightly inconsistant
> state - but this should "appear" to PG the same as if the power went out.
> For restore, simply unarchive this snapshot and point postgres at it. Let
> it recover and you are good to go.
> Little overhead from what I see...
> I'm leaning towards this method the more I think of it.

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