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[linux-lvm] Virtual File Drivers for a VoD(Video on Demand) application Project

                    Kind Attn: Heinz Mauelshagen

Dear Sir,

I was going through the information posted by you on the Internet
regarding the Heinz Mauelshagen's LVM (Logical Volume Manager) for
Hence I am assuming that a lot of work has been done from you guys in
this direction.

  We are a Bangalore, India based Software development company looking
at options to develop the Virtual File Driver for a VoD
(Video on Demand) application. This Driver has to communicate with a
Windows Media Player 9 on one end and a Temporary buffer at the
other end.

  I have to stress the point that we need to use a Striping File system.

Some of the File System specifications are as follows:

  Block size : 4096 bytes
  Large File size: 1 G byte
  Number of Maximum Large files: 1M
  Number of Maximum nodes: 4096 nodes

    We are looking for open source options. Please let us know your
comments and suggestions about the availabilty of such
Software and also the licensing terms and conditions.

Thanks & Regards,

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