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[linux-lvm] help on pvcreate usage

Hi all,
I have 2 external disks connected to my suse 7.0 box :
sdb 80GB (has 4 partitions)
sdc  8GB (has 3 partitions)
I need to increase the size of the 3rd partition, i.e sdc3, of the disk sdc
by borrowing some space from one of the free partitions,ie, sdb4 of the disk

 Iam not sure whether i can do this by LVM. My question is:
 Can i use the command pvcreate /dev/sdb4 without disturbing the data on
other partitions in the disk sdb ?

Thanks in Advance,
Bala Sath
SIEMENS Transportation Systems
Tel  +49 531 226-6154
Fax +49 531 226-4477
mailto:Balasubramaniyan Sathiamoorthy ext_TCS ts siemens de

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