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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID 1 on Device Mapper - best practices?

Mike> Wouldn't it be more sensible to mirror the disks, then stick
Mike> your LVs on top of that? This is what I have done with a
Mike> software RAID5 array.

Well, it could make more sense that way, but I was trying to get it do
that I could move and expand/shrink the filesystems as needed on the
various volumes.  

The other downside of the MD underneath LVM is that when a MD RAID
goes bad, I need to resync the entire disk.  In my setup, if I don't
have it mounted (or being used) and I corrupt it, there's less data to
have to re-mirror.

At least that was my goal.  

Mike> At first this didn't work, as the startup scripts Gentoo provide
Mike> initialise LVM before MD, but that was easily changed.

Yeah, I thinking I need to just tweak the scripts under debian as
well, but I wanted to find out what people found to be the best way to
do this.


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