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Re: [linux-lvm] RAID 1 on Device Mapper - best practices?

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On Friday 17 October 2003 21:48, John Stoffel wrote:
> Well, it could make more sense that way, but I was trying to get it do
> that I could move and expand/shrink the filesystems as needed on the
> various volumes.

Ahh, but that's the beauty of RAID and LVM, what you end up with is just 
another block device. Which ever way you do it you'll get the same benefit.

> The other downside of the MD underneath LVM is that when a MD RAID
> goes bad, I need to resync the entire disk.  In my setup, if I don't
> have it mounted (or being used) and I corrupt it, there's less data to
> have to re-mirror.
> At least that was my goal.

That's certainly a very good idea.

> Yeah, I thinking I need to just tweak the scripts under debian as
> well, but I wanted to find out what people found to be the best way to
> do this.

- From what I've read LVM is only capable of linearing or striping, so RAID 
seems to be the only option.

- -- 
Mike Williams
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