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Re: [linux-lvm] How to create a device mapper patch?

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 04:26:53PM +0200, wim unetix nl wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to find out to make a patch for my kernel , 2.4.22,
> but there seems to be no documentation available how
> to generate a device mapper kernel patch. 
> From the INSTALL file:
> ---
> If your kernel does not already contain device-mapper, patch,
>    configure and build a new kernel with it
> ----
> Now this is nice , but doesn't explain how to generate a patch
> for the kernel. The patches directory only contains patches
> for 2.4.20 en 21 so, how do I generate a patch for 2.4.22?
> Device mapper is version 1.00.05


this is a rediffed version of the 2.4.21 patches:

released with the dm-1.00.05 tarball, nevertheless,
the version major/minor/pl is 4.0.4 whatever this means ...


> WB
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