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Re: [linux-lvm] 2TB limit of Linux

On Oct 24, 2003  07:10 -0700, Deas, Jim wrote:
> Has any work been done to change the 2TB LV limit on i386 stuff up to
> 1PB? I am looking for a solution where I can combine several 2TB NFS
> shares to make volumes in the 10TB range for rich media content storage.
> Also are there any file systems for i386 that could handle this size if
> LVM could make them?

We have Lustre filesystems in the 100TB range right now.  We don't exceed
the 2TB block device/filesystem limits, but rather combine multiple
filesystems to provide a large virtual volume over the network.  This means
Lustre will work just fine with 2.4 kernels also.

Mind you, some of our customers have > 2TB NFS filesystems already, but I
don't think they are served by Linux (NetApps or something).  Since NFS
doesn't have a block device it isn't limited by the 2TB size.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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