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Re: [linux-lvm] how to start running LVM under fedora test and 2.6 kernel?

On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 08:06:47AM -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   as an admitted novice here, what is the proper recipe for 
> starting to use LVM (under RH's new fedora core test) with the
> 2.6.0 kernel?

Get the LVM2 tools from www.sistina.com and compile/install them
in a different directory (see configure options) if you want to co-install
them with the LVM1 tools.

>   if i do a stock install, that would first of all be using a
> 2.4 kernel and (IIRC) the previous version 1 of LVM, no?


> so
> it's easy enough to install and get *that* configuration working.
> but how do i move up?

Boot 2.6 and use the LVM2 tools in the directory you selected
when you configured them.

>   it's easy enough to build and boot under a 2.6 kernel, but
> now i have some LVM volume groups that i'd like to convert to
> LVM 2.  can i do that?

See LVM2's vgconvert manual.
LVM2 is able to handle LVM1 formated voplume groups in case you want
to be able to swictch back to 2.4+LVM1. Of course you can get device-mapper
patches for 2.4 from our site and use device-mapper+LVM2 on 2.4 as well.

>   am i making any sense?  it seems pretty clear that i can't
> do all this in one step.  or can i, and i just haven't noticed?

At least one additional step is necessary (get the LVM2 tools running on 2.6).

> rday
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