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Re: [linux-lvm] Drive gone bad, now what?

Gert van der Knokke wrote:
> Mind this, I'm just stirring up things a bit to get some perspective
> view of cost versus reliability.

Here's my AU$0.02.

We have roughly 400Gb of disk spread across 7 SMTP/IMAP/Oracle/GIS/
Web servers. We've just bought a Sun 3510 16-bay FC/SCSI RAID box to
serve as a baby-SAN to 5 of the servers and will consolidate the rest.
There's another 5 servers which have about half that but are squid or
CDROM servers and as such don't need full backups.

Right now we back up to two DLT drives, a Mamoth, and a Mamoth2,
several of them across the network to a machine with a physical

This is expensive and prone to failure.

Our solution is to buy a cheap Arena PA-8211 FC/IDE RAID box, connect
it to a cheap Intel/Debian server with Gb ethernet and rsync all the
servers to it several times per day. We can do a final rsync then
take a snapshot early AM when the rsync will be as consistant as it
will get, and back that up to a 7-tape autoloader for the Mamoth2.

This is still expensive - those Mamoth2 tapes are worth their weight
in gold. The chance of failure is much reduced, however.

The next stage is to buy a new tape drive, one of the new ones which
does 300Gb native, which will keep us to only two tapes for a full
backup. With a 5 or 10 slot autoloader, it should keep us going for
maybe two years before we need to look at a new tape drive.

Since the Arena box has a maximum capacity of 3.5Tb with 250Gb disks,
way above the Sun box, we intend to also take hourly/daily snapshots
as each rsync is done to reduce the need for restoring from tape.
(That was the on-topic LVM part of this post!)

Hey, while I have your attention, has anyone written some scripts to
check free space on a number of snapshots and add PE's as needed to
keep the snapshot valid, deleting the oldest as needed to free PE's?

Alternately, are there plans to add a trigger to a snapshot to do this
automatically, so the script only needs to keep an eye on the total free
PE's and delete the oldest snapshot as necessary? That would be *much*

Cheers, glen.

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