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RE: [linux-lvm] Problems with initrd for LVM2 on 2.6.0-test8 and -test9 kernels.. .

Title: RE: [linux-lvm] Problems with initrd for LVM2 on 2.6.0-test8 and -test9 kernels.. .

My apologies for not providing the information earlier... and for my mistake in supplying the link to my initrd image.  I have been bookmarking sites like mad and apparently chose the wrong one...

Here is my linuxrc inside the initrd image (this is the one based off of the evms initrd I found on the web, since it seemed the most complete).

Please note that I still can't get the "/bin/ash" command to work properly, though I'm working on it.  I did put in the /dev/tty* and /dev/pt* nodes into the initrd image, but still no luck. 

-------- CUT --------

gweber windforce:/tmp/test$ more linuxrc
/bin/mount /proc
echo /sbin/modprobe > /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe
if test ! -e /dev/.devfsd ; then
        set -e
        MAJOR=$(/bin/sed -n 's/^ *\([0-9]\+\) \+misc$/\1/p' /proc/devices)
        MINOR=$(/bin/sed -n 's/^ *\([0-9]\+\) \+device-mapper$/\1/p' /proc/misc
        if test -n "$MAJOR" -a -n "$MINOR" ; then
                /bin/mknod --mode=600 /dev/mapper/control c $MAJOR $MINOR
/sbin/lvm vgchange --ignorelockingfailure -P -a y
/bin/umount /proc

-------- CUT --------

Also note that I have tried "root=0a3f", "root=fe00", and "root=/dev/vg00/root"... the major/minor numbers are listed here (from /dev/hda4 "temporary install" root):

-------- CUT --------

gweber windforce:~$ ls -l /dev/mapper
crw-------    1 root     root      10,  63 Oct 27 13:34 control
brw-------    1 root     root     254,   1 Oct 22 08:56 vg00-home
brw-------    1 root     root     254,   0 Oct 22 08:56 vg00-root
brw-------    1 root     root     254,   3 Oct 29 08:21 vg00-tmp
brw-------    1 root     root     254,   4 Oct 29 08:21 vg00-usr
brw-------    1 root     root     254,   2 Oct 29 08:21 vg00-var

-------- CUT --------

In order to (try to) make this work, I did copy all the "missing" binaries, libs, and dev nodes into the evms initrd image.  I would supply that listing, but it would be quite long...

Here is my menu.lst from grub.  I've been testing with grub just so that I could enter changes at boot time instead of running "lilo" all over the place.

-------- CUT --------

gweber windforce:/tmp/test$ more menu.lst
# Author: Luis R. Rodriguez <mcgrof ruslug rutgers edu>
# GRUB configuration example file

# Should give you an idea of how to use GRUB to dual boot

# This makes Linux the default ;) Use 1 if you want Windows as default

# This means that from now on, GRUB will parse / as (hd0,0)/
root    (hd0,3)

# Fun splashimage ;-)
# Check http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/~mcgrof/grub-images for a HOWTO
# on making GRUB splashimages.
# I recommend putting all GRUB splashimages in /boot/grub/images
# to not bloat the /boot/grub directory ;)
splashimage (hd0,0)/grub/images/debian_cooleye-dither.xpm.gz

# vga=xxx sets the framebuffer console to a specific resolution.
# Here is a table you can use so it can help you decide
# what resolution you want to use:
#       colour          depth   | 640x480  800x600  1024x768 1280x1024
#       256             (8bit)  |  769      771       773      775
#       32000           (15bit) |  784      787       790      793
#       65000           (16bit) |  785      788       791      794
#       16.7 Mill.      (24bit) |  786      789       792      795

# As you will see I have my kernels in /boot/kernels/
# I have found that GRUB allows for a easy-to-use structured and neat
# /boot/ directory. My /boot/ has:
# configs/ kernels/ initrds/ System.maps/ vmlinuxes/
# Looks much nicer than the bloated default /boot/ most distributions use :P

# Ugh... :( you poor thing
#title  Windows XP
#rootnoverify   (hd0,0)
# Windows 9x, ME line: chainloader+1
# WIndows XP line:
#chainloader = (hd0,0)+1

# Yay, viva gorditas
#title  Debian/X11/GNOME/GNU/etc Linux (2.4.18-bf2.4)
#kernel /boot/kernels/vmlinuz-2.4.18-bf2.4 root=/dev/hda5 console=ttys0 vga=791
title   Linux (2.6.0-lvm)
kernel  (hd0,0)/vmlinuz-2.6.0-test9-aa0.2 root=fe00 console=ttys0
initrd  (hd0,0)/initrd-gw.gz

title   Linux (2.6.0)
kernel  (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.0-test9-aa0.2 root=/dev/hda4 console=ttys0 vga
#initrd  (hd0,3)/boot/initrd-lvm-2.6.0-test8-aa0.1.gz

title   Linux (2.4.22-xfs)
kernel  (hd0,3)/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.22-xfs root=/dev/hda4 console=ttys0 vga=791
initrd  (hd0,3)/boot/initrd.gz

-------- CUT --------

Thanks in advance!!



-----Original Message-----
From: Luca Berra
To: Weber, Geoffrey M.
Cc: 'linux-lvm sistina com'
Sent: 10/30/2003 7:49 AM
Subject: Re: [linux-lvm] Problems with initrd for LVM2 on 2.6.0-test8 and -test9 kernels.. .

On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 09:26:14AM -0600, Weber, Geoffrey M. wrote:
>   library).    As   soon  as  I  try  to  use  LILO  or  GRUB  with
>   "root=/dev/vg00/root" or "root=3f00" (device major and minor
>   my  machine  hangs  after  "Uncompressing  Linux...  Ok,  booting
>   kernel.".
could you give us some more details about your setup, including actual
lines from your configuration.

>   I  have  also tried (unsuccessfully) to use an initrd image I found
>   the 'net at [1]http://www.comedia.it/~bluca/cooker/lvm2/

There is no initrd image at that location.
What you find there is modified Mandrake rpm to support lvm2 in Mandrake
Linux 9.2/cooker, and has not been tested with anything different than

>   to  see  what  I  could find out. When trying to use the Busybox
>   command  inside  the  modified evms initrd image, however, the
>   doesn't halt and give me a shell at all but keeps booting.
i saw this problem as well, i don't know if it is caused by some device
file missing in the initrd image or what.


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        Communication Media & Services S.r.l.
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