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Re: [linux-lvm] pvscan showing 0 free on all PV's.

Rene Olsen wrote:

Now, why in the world does it show 0 free on all the PV's when a df told me that there were at least 260GB free on the lvm.

Am I doing something wrong or ?

Any help will be most appreciated.

Best regards.


df shows how much free space there is on the *filesystem*. Even if the filesystem isn't full, it can occupy the entire lvm, which occupies the entire volume group. If you have only one filesystem on the lvm, then you may or may not have a problem, depending on what filesystem you are using. If you are using ext2 or ext3, then you can probably do an ext2resize to shrink it, followed by an lvreduce to reduce the size of the partition that the filesystem lives on, but *DANGER* *DANGER* *DANGER*. Reducing the size of an existing filesystem is inherently dangerous, so back up, tread with caution, and don't blame me when a meteorite flattens your house.

If you are using reiserfs, jfs, or xfs, you are probably out of luck, as these filesystems don't currently support reduction.


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