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Re: [linux-lvm] Converting the root filesystem to ReiserFS on LVM...

David Johnston wrote:
On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 10:42, Madison Kelly wrote:

Hi all,

I am officially stumped... When I use the FC1 cd I can't unmount '/mnt/sysimage' which is seen as the LVM device '/dev/VG00/LV00', it keeps saying the device or resource is busy
Under Fedora the devices I need to mount are on:
/dev/VG00/LV00 = '/' (currently ext3)
/dev/VG00/LV01 = '/backup' (reiserfs)
/dev/VG00/LV02 = '/snapshot' (reiserfs)

do you by any chance have /mnt/sysimage/backup or /mnt/sysimage/snapshot
mounted when you get the "resource busy" error?

Nope, I made sure to dismount anything mounted under /mnt/sysimage (inc. boot/). I have since been able to copy the data by using the SysRescCD and then using EVMS to simply look at the partitions and then saving out and mounting /dev/evms/lvm/<vg>/<lv> but after restoring and rebooting it would kernel panic still thinking that '/' was ext3 despite editing '/etc/blkid.tab' and '/etc/fstab'.

I am trying now to figure out how to properly use 'chroot /mnt/sysimage' followed by 'lvcreate_initrd' to write a new boot loaded but despit double checking that the file name was right Grub still fails to find the file...

Quite an ordeal but I am making progress, slowly.

Thanks for your reply! Any other tips by chance?


PS - For the archives, this is a Fedora Core 1 install.

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