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[linux-lvm] Updated lvm2create_initrd

I've committed a new version of the lvm2create_initrd script to my SVN
repository. Mostly these are tiny incremental changes to Miguel's
original version. In particular:

1) Removed the line 'mkdir -p initrd' from the initrd init script. Doing
this would be modifying the initrd image prior to fsck'ing it, and might
be dangerous if there were a corrupted rootfs. It's not necessary for
pivot_root to work, but 

2) Pass $* to the 'exec /sbin/init' call at the end of the script init
script. This is necessary to allow for booting into single-user mode.

3) Added some entries to PATH under /initrd for folks (like me) who
have /usr as a separate filesystem, and who don't have a working chroot
program under /.

I've also updated the README, and added a lvm2udev startup script. See
the README for why this is necessary. Since this seems to be working
pretty well, perhaps it's time to start talking about adding this into
the LVM2 tarballs?
Jeff Layton <jtlayton poochiereds net>

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