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[linux-lvm] Ext3, 2.4.26 and lvm snapshot


I have some trouble with lvm snapshot with a logical volume formated with
ext3 file system on a linux 2.4.26. This logical volume is active and
mounted. The snapshot is created correctly (with a command like this for
example : lvcreate -L 100M -s -n lvsnap0 /dev/vg01/lv01). But when I try
to mount it, I have this error :
   mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on
   /dev/vgt01/tsnap01, or too many mounted file systems
If I format this logical volume in ext2, I can use snapshot without

I searched on internet and I found some information but it let me
confused. I found many informations about a VFS-patch which seems to be
necessary, but I don't found this patch for a linux kernel 2.4.26 (I only
found it for version up to 2.4.22).

So I wonder if this patch is always necessary ?
Do you have some links which can help me ?

P.S: Sorry for my english which isn't very good.

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