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Re: [linux-lvm] About Extending LVM size with Hardware Raid

Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
Okey you mean create a new raid5 with new disks and add it to volume
group okey you right .

But My question is , Think that I have raid5 array with 3 disk ( I'm
using ICP Raid controller card ) then I add 4.th disk to my raid array ( I
know clearly that I can extend raid5 ) at this I have more disk space but I
have to intorduce it to system , and I can't imagine How ?! it's easy if I
have free partiton but I can't show this extended array like a free
partition :(

If you truly can "extend raid5", you have a totally different disk essentially. It's nice that you have a HW raid that allows you to extend RAID 5 (an icky mess for sure.. probably takes a while to do the reshuffling). I don't know how to tell LVM that the disk itself has actually gotten bigger. Interesting problem, I doubt there's an answer for this though (but I could be wrong).

I think if I wanted an extensible array setup, I would consider
just aggregating a set of mirror'd drives into a volume group.
That way, I could just add two more disks, create a new hw logical
raid 1 drive, and add that to my volume group.  Something I will
consider doing.

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