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Re: [linux-lvm] About Extending LVM size with Hardware Raid

I have a similar system - a fibre channel RAID box. I added a disk to it
and expanded the RAID5 device, then used the scsiadd command to rescan
the device. If your card emulates a SCSI disk, this may work. Otherwise,
try unloading/loading the kernel driver module(if possible), and failing
that a reboot should work.

Anyway, the new size was reported correctly as 1.25Tb, so I then used
pvresize to grow the pv to the new size of the device.

At this point, pvresize reported "Command not implemented yet".


Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:
Hi Everybody ?!

Maybe everybody know Raid5 can extend easily. I'm using hardware
raid and I wonder What extend utulity I have to use for system . resize or
LVM .. Because with hardware raid system looks all disks like a one logical disk at
this moment How can I intorduce extended array to system ...


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