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[linux-lvm] "unknown device"

Title: "unknown device"

Hi there!

I ran in to trubble when i tryed to add a disk
in my vg.

I got LVM2

pvdisplay Couldn't find device with uuid 'y2f1Ly-xt0l-UF6K-31XZ-kJjX-e694-AFo8Gn'.

pvdisplay --- Physical volume ---
pvdisplay PV Name unknown device
pvdisplay VG Name biffen_vg
pvdisplay PV Size 232.88 GB / not usable 0
pvdisplay Allocatable yes
pvdisplay PE Size (KByte) 65536
pvdisplay Total PE 3726
pvdisplay Free PE 14
pvdisplay Allocated PE 3712
pvdisplay PV UUID y2f1Ly-xt0l-UF6K-31XZ-kJjX-e694-AFo8Gn

That is the error i get, and my question is.
How do I remove the disk from the vg?
Can i use vgreduce?
And if so, how do i type when the PV Name is "unknown device"
I wuld aprichiate all the help i can get.

Best regards

Henrik Söderström
IT Helpdesk
SWISSLOG Northern Europe IT

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