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[linux-lvm] LVM and hardware device re-ordering?

I'm looking at implementing my first LVM system. It looks pretty straight-forward. (Very similar to the LVM stuff I saw in AIX v3.x and Veritas management Sun used to manage SPARCStorage Arrays.)

The one nagging question in my mind is:

 How resilient is LVM to a sudden renumbering of
 physical hard disks?

Assume no disks have actually failed, just that a new disk
gets added and suddenly all the LVM drives get notched up
a drive letter.

For example,

Before  After  SCSI ID*    description
------  -----  --------   --------------------------------
  sda    sda    0,0,0,0    operating system disk (HW RAID)
   --    sdb    0,0,1,0    new added disk (e.g. a CD drive)

  sdb    sdc    1,0,0,0    LVM PV#1
  sdc    sdd    1,0,0,1    LVM PV#2
  sdd    sde    1,0,0,2    LVM PV#3
 * The four numbers are:  (1) controller, (2) controller
  channel, (3) SCSI target, (4) SCSI LUN.

Can I just assume LVM will do the right thing, and my VG
created from the three physical volumes will be OK?

- Don Buchholz

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