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RE: [linux-lvm] fix lost vgda

The disks used to be on another machnine and I found the vg autobackups from there. I was thinking about using vgcfgrestore to restore the vgda to the disks, do I need to do pvcreate first or should it work without that? And does the disk need to be using the same device node as before or how does it know which UUID to assign to the disk(Just wondering if I need to put the disks back to the old machine where the autobackup was taken)?

Onni Rautanen
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On Thu, 2004-08-12 09:51:14 +0300, Onni Rautanen tietoenator com <Onni Rautanen tietoenator com>
wrote in message <30BB5E9998236744913B2C0E04D24D39061510CE zonda eu tieto com>:
> Accidentally when creating the partitions for the raid5 array I did it on the wrong machine =) and now I've lost the partition table/vgda for those 160gb disks in the lvm.

For the partition table, try gpart.


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