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[linux-lvm]Re: corrupt /dev/lvm - bizzare properties

Chris Doherty <chris doherty adelaide edu au> writes:

>> The filesystem containing /dev has been damaged somehow.  You should
>> fsck it.  Most likely fsck will remove /dev/lvm so you'll have to
>> recreate it with proper values.  Don't just rm it.  Something bad has
>> obviously happened and changing things without a proper fsck can make
>> things worse.
> thanks.  i'll try this tonight and report back. :)  my limited
> understanding of LVM leads me to believe that the volume group and
> logical volume within it are actually still safe and sound in /dev/vg1

Chances are it's still there.

> is /dev/lvm just a character device which is used to transmit data
> from the volume group (vg1) to the device driver?


> you mention that fsck will probably remove /dev/lvm and that i
> should recreate it.  is there any risk to vg1/lv1 if i do that?  (as
> i still haven't successfully backed up anything in it's current
> state)

You should be fine.  If you are paranoid and vg1 is on different disks
than the root fs you could unplug them while doing the fsck.

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