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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM Problems :)

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 03:06:28PM +0100, Christian Reiss wrote:
> I am trying to dissolve a running LVM, so i am doing
> the e2fsadm, lvreduce, pvmove thingy. But ever since I
> removed the first hdd, I am unable to resize the lvm
> any more. The error can be seen below, with e2fsadm.
> I also included the vg&lvdisplay commands.
> I am running the LVM1 sources (non-cvs, approx mid last
> year), as i am unable to run LVM2 (need to downgrade kernel
> to 2.4.22 (no patch included in lvm2 for 2.4.23)).
> Also, I am (too dumb/unable) to locate a e2fsadm alike
> tool for lvm2, as e2fsadm needs the lvm-tab thingy,
> which lvm2 no longer provides.

Well, AFAIK, the 2.4.22 patches work fine with 2.4.23.  As far as e2fsadm,
there is currently no equivilant for LVM2, so you have to do the resizing by
hand (shrink fs then shrink lv).

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