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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM + reiserfsck

Rajesh Saxena wrote:
Hello list I am wondering if someone could help me with a quick question. I am using SUSE 9 + LVM1 + Linux Software RAID and last but
not least Reiser filesystem. Recently I had problem with recovery from
LVM volumes where /usr/lib is deleted =(

Not sure.. but if your system is unstable (hard crashes), for whatever reason, SUSE 9 now has a VERY bad habit of eliminating directories that are merely open for READING... ick!!! I've lost several. My solution, stablize the system. There's something not quite right either with the latest reiserfs patches, the SUSE 9 kernel or the combination of LVM/Reiserfs/kernel in SUSE 9. Btw... this problem DOES NOT exist at all in SUSE 8.2.... you crash that baby as much as you want (practically) and I've always been able to get back the important data.

My guess is that there is a "fix" for reiserfs that shouldn't be there.

With that said... I've seen much the same under ext2/ext3... but
it's always been that way with those filesystems.  I still like
reiserfs overall.  Under SUSE it has a good track record... just
something not right with SUSE 9.

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