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[linux-lvm] Re: mac-fdisk and 0x8e partitions for LVM

> 	mac-fdisk won't allow me to create a 0x8e partition, thus precluding
> LVM usage... any solutions in view?  Would pmac-fdisk or parted do the
> job?

There's no such thing as a numerical partition type in Apple partition
maps. cfdisk or parted could be used to create a different partition table
(precluding use of MacOS). Or LVM could be made Apple partition format
aware (using either a new partition type or partition name for detection;
I'd prefer the partition name (like, "LVM 1" etc. as that can easily be
added with mac-fdisk. (Creating other partition types is only marginally
more difficult, simply us 'C' instead of 'c' to create the partition).

To reiterate: I don't see any solution without making LVM accept Apple
partition maps in the first place. Which part of LVM checks the partition
type? Can you show me some sample code?


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