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[linux-lvm] LVM Snapshots for remote archiving.

Hi! I've been looking through the archives and I can't see anything addressing my issue. Probably because I didn't look hard enough.

I want to use 24-hour snap shots as an archival tool.
I have 2 identical file servers, one primary and one as an off-site mirror. I'd like the primary system to generate a transaction log that rolls over every 24-hours and gets transmitted to the remote site. After 7 days on the remote site, the log gets triggered so the remote is always 7 days out of sync but with the last 6 days logs ready to go. I could have it auto update on arrival, but I was thinking that allowing a week for someone to realize that they deleted something vital would be a good thing(TM) - standard archiving stuff I guess.

Do you think that lvm snapshot volumes are a simple and convenient way of doing this? Does this make sense at all?


Chris Beck / Y.A.B.A. / Fungal Genomics
CFSG / Concordia University
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