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Re: [linux-lvm] combining two vg's into one

Ken Fuchs <kfuchs winternet com> writes:

>>I've got 2 vg's on two different partitions on
>>different disks, one is my root vg and the other
>>has /usr, /var and /tmp filesystems. I'd like to
>>keep them on separate disks but use the same vg
>>if I can, but I'm unsure how to combine them.
> To keep / on one disk and /usr, /var and /tmp on another
> disk, one volume group per disk as described above is the
> best way to do this.  There is no advantage to combining
> the two volume groups together given that one wants to
> keep logical volumes exclusively on one disk or the other.
> Combining the two volume groups into one volume group
> would allow logical volumes to span the two disks and
> lvm striping, but that is contrary to the desire to keep
> each logical volume exclusively on a particular disk.

Thanks Ken, that's one thing I was wondering, is it 
better to keep one vg per pv. Sounds like I'm already
set up the way I need to be.

Chris Conn             
cmcgoat swbell net  http://storm.cadcam.iupui.edu/~cmcgoat
Austin, Texas, USA

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