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[linux-lvm] vgscan eating memory


after upgrading to Slackware 10.0, I ran into a problem with LVM2.

system: Slackware Linux 10.0
kernel: 2.6.7-mm5
Official slackware packages:

Problem: lvm vgscan runs, eats up more and more memory until it gets OOM-killed.

When run, it says:

 Reading all physical volumes.  This may take a while...
 Ignoring additional label on /dev/hda11 at sector 1

and keeps on munching the disk.

(/dev/hda11 is a LVM partition)

I'm not sure how to debug it. strace shows n * (read,ioctl(BLKBSZGET),_llseek) and a few brk's occasionally..... No errors get logged or displayed, except the fishy notice about additional label.

When I use the OLD lvm2 binary (2.00.08), it works just fine (was running the same kernel and same version of device-mapper before, too).

Neither of the lvm packages have any patches applied to them. Slackware's package is ./configured with --enable-static_link and --with-lvm1=internal. My old package was configured with --with-lvm1=shared.

Any hints would be welcome.

-- Tarmo Samuel

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