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Re: [linux-lvm] Multipath without round-robin?

You could just use the qlogic hba driver failover.

ql2xfailover=1 in your rmodules.conf

Jedi/Sector One wrote:
[linux-lvm] Multipath without round-robin?

  I'm trying to get multipath working with LVM2 (2.6.7-rc2-udm2 kernel) with
an LSI storage array.

  The array has two FC controllers, HBAs are two identical Qlogic 2340.
  On the array, "preferred" controllers are assigned to each LUN.
  Unfortunately, it looks like dm-multipath always does round-robin load

  The result is that the array fills up the (SANtricity) error log with
messages like "LUN was accessed through the wrong controller".

  Is there any way to keep failover abilities without load balancing?
  Best regards,
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