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[linux-lvm] decommision disks in LVM2 & 2.6 kernel? (pvmove broken)

Hi there!

I have two disks which I need to decommission.

I'm running mandrake 10 official, LVM2, 2.6.3-13 kernel.

Naturally, pvmove doesn't work.

I get "Temporary mirror activation failed"; I googled for that
and it wasn't much helpt. In fact I've spent a good couple of
hours googling for hints on this problem and it hasn't helped. 
Maybe my google-fu isn't that hot.

I only need a kernel which can perform pvmove just the once.
I don't care what other features it has, I just want to boot
into single user, pvmove, pvremove and bring it back up
with my regular, distribution kernel.

Can anyone please direct me to a 2.6 kernel which supports
pvmove? (or of course, appropriate patches. Oh and I am not
particularly interested in EVMS support, just pvmove :)

Alternatively, if I could find out which files are on the PV's which
I want to decommision, I could just move the files off and then pvremove
without having to pvmove, right? Suggestions?


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